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The GALT CollectionGALT Fosters 8-17-2018GALT Fosters 8-06-2018GALT Fosters 7-27-2018GALT Fosters 7-14-2018GALT Fosters 7-7-2018GALT Fosters 6-21-2018GALT Fosters 6-16-2018GALT Fosters 5-25-2018GALT Fosters - 4-21-2018GALT Fosters 4-13-2018GALT Fosters 3-31-2018GALT Fosters 3-17-2018Paws in the City Fosters 3-17-2018GALT Fosters 2-27-2018Preston Park FosterGALT Fosters 2-03-2018GALT Fosters 1-27-2018GALT Fosters 1-19-2018GALT 12-21-2017GALT 12-02-2017GALT Fosters 11-25-2017GALT Fosters 11-14-2017Paws in the City - 9-24-2017GALT Fosters 9-14-2017GALT Mobile 30 8-29-2017GALT Fosters 08-15-2017St.Clouds Rescue 8-02-2017GALT Fosters 8-02-2017Against All Odds Rescue 7-28-2017GALT Fosters 5-28-2017Paws in the City 5-20-2017MannyGALT Fosters 4-18-2017GALT Fosters 4-01-2017Paws in the City - 4-01-2017TitanGALT Fosters 3-11-2017Paws in the City Fosters 3-05-2017GALT Fosters 3-03-2017GALT Fosters 2-22-2017Paws in the City - 2-08=2017GALT Fosters - 2-05-2017GALT - War ChiefGALT Fosters 1-28-2017GALT Fosters 1-20-2017GALT Fosters 1-14-2017Paws in the City 12-8-2016GALT Fosters 12-2-2016GALT Fosters 11-10-2016Paws in the City - Rhonda and JuniperCocoSt.Clouds Rescue - Fall 2016Paws in the City-ChanceGALT Fosters 10-6-2016Paws in the City 9-2-2016NASRN Anatolian Rescue 9-3-2016GALT Fosters 9-3-2016Against All Odds RescueGALT Fosters 9-2-2016GALT Fosters 8-24-2016GALT Fosters 8-13-2016GALT Fosters - 8-7-2016GALT Fosters 7-23-2016GALT Fosters 7-9-2016DFW Pug Rescue - 6-29-2016GALT Fosters 7-7-2016Paws in the City - 6-25-2016DFW Pug Rescue - RiverGALT Fosters 5-29-2016DFW Pug Rescue Chuckie Boy4-29-2016 GALT FostersEast Dallas Pet Rescue-Pet Supplies Plus FostersGALT Fosters 4-5-2016East Dallas Pet Rescue - The PuppiesGALT Fosters 3-12-2016GALT Fosters 2-20-2016GALT Fosters 2-6-2016GALT Fosters 1-23-2016GALT Fosters 1-18-2016GALT Fosters 1-16-2016GALT Fosters 1-14-2016GALT - JayloweGALT Fosters 12-17-2015GALT Fosters 12-1-2015Paws in the City 11-24-2015GALT Foster - XFactorGALT Fosters 10-29-2015GALT Fosters 10-09-2015GALT Fosters 9-30-2015Paws in the City - Fosters 9-18-2015GALT Fosters 9-16-2015GALT Fosters 9-04-2015Paws in the City foster - OlafPaws in the City fosters - 09-02-2015Paws in the City - AlfiePaws in the City - SounderPaws in the City - CrickettPaws in the City - SportPaws in the City - FozziePaws in the City Fosters 08-08-2015GALT Fosters 01-08-2015Paws in the City Fosters 2015-07-18DFW Rescue Me FostersGALT Fosters 7-11-2015Paws in the City Fosters 6-15-2015GALT Fosters 6-12-2015Paws in the City Fosters 06-04-2015GALT Fosters 5-31-2015Paws in the City - GriffinGALT Fosters 5-02-2015St.Clouds RescuePaws in the City - Kelsey PuppiesSt.Clouds Puppies 2015Paws in the City Fosters 04-15-2015GALT Fosters 4-13-2015GALT Fosters 4-22-2015GALT Fosters 3-22-2015GALT Fosters 2-21-15Aiden DFW Pug RescueGALT Fosters 1-31-2015GALT Fosters 1-24-2015GALT Fosters 12-12-2014GALT Fosters 12-09-2014GALT Fosters 10-28-2014GALT Fosters 10-14-2014GALT Fosters 10-1-2014GALT Fosters 9-10-2014GALT Fosters 8-29-2014GALT Fosters 8-15-2014GALT PuppiesPaws in the City Fosters 7-31-2014GALT Fosters 7-25-2014PITC Spay and Neuter dayGALT Foster 7-11-2014GALT Foster 6-11-2014GALT Foster 5-29-2014Paws in the City-DinoGALT Fosters 5-15-2014Paws in the City - BoudreauxGALT Fosters 5-8-2014Paws in the City-OlliGALT Fosters Spring 2014PITC-Spring FostersPhoto Swat-Camp Diggy BonesPaws in the City-Camp Diggy Bones-MarchGreyhound Adoption League of Texas February FostersPaws in the City-Winter FostersGALT Fosters Winter 2014GALT FostersHendrix - Paws in the CityPaws in the CityBeautiful - DFW Pug RescueDFW Pug Rescue - The Puppy Mill PugsPaws in the City FostersDFW Pug Rescue - ChaplinDFW Pug Rescue - Photos with SantaDFW Pug Rescue - PesoPaws in the City - Camp Diggy BonesDeep Ellum Pup Crawl & Poker Run - Greyhound Adoption LeagueGolden Retriever Rescue Annual Picnic 2012BullOween 2012 Lone Star Bulldog RescuePugOween 2012 DFW Pug RescueRaven - DFW Pug RescueMazies MissionPaws in the CityFMHS DukeGaltMoose and MaverickDFW Pug Rescue - The Boarding Bungalow 9/20/2012DFW Pug Rescue - The Boarding Bungalow 9/6/2012TabbyDFW Pug Rescue - Hoosier and FriendsStonebriar Veterinary RescuesProject Pugway 2012DFW Pug Rescue - Glamour ShotsDFW Pug Rescue - The Boarding Bungalow 7/6/2012DFW Pug Rescue - Creekside PugsDFW Pug Rescue - The Boarding Bungalow 5/23/2012DFW Pug Rescue - Calee and friendsDFW Pug Rescue- The Boarding Bungalow 5/5/2012Paws in the CityTula11th Annual Galt Birthday BashShilohSir Lancelot-DFW Pug RescueBellaDFW Pug Rescue - The Boarding Bungalow 4-9-2012Sophie and Jean-Luc's First Birthday PartyBully Bash LuauPugapalooza 2012DFW Pug Rescue-The Boarding Bungalow 3-29-2012DFW Pug Rescue - The Boarding Bungalow 3-23-2012DFW Pug Rescue-The Boarding Bungalow 3-15-2012DFW Pug Rescue-The Boarding Bungalow 3-2-2012Eli and Cee Lo-DFW Pug RescueTweetie-DFW Pug RescueDFW Pug Rescue-Boarding Bungalow 2-12-2012DFW Pug Rescue-Boarding Bungalow 1-27-12Estelle - DFW Pug RescueDFW Pug Rescue-Senior Wine Gala 2012DFW Pug Rescue-Boarding Bungalow 1-18-12DFW Pug Rescue-The Boarding Bungalow 1-12-2012Baby Puggie Project 3DFW Pug Rescue-The Boarding Bungalow 11-17-2011DFW Pug Rescue-The Boarding Bungalow 11-12-2011DFW Pug Rescue Pug-O-Ween 2011 The PhotoboothDFW Pug Rescue Pug-O-Ween 2011Baby Puggie Project 2Bull-O-Ween 2011DFW Pug Rescue-The Boarding Bungalow-10-19-2011DFW Pug Rescue-The Boarding Bungalow 10-12-2011JacksonWags & Waves 2011The Howard PuppiesSt.Clouds Rescue PuppiesBoarding Bungalow DFW Pug Rescue 9-8-2011Boarding Bungalow DFW Pug Rescue 8-25-2011Project Pugway Fashion Show-DFW Pug RescueBoarding Bungalow DFW Pug Rescue 8-14-2011Boarding Bungalow DFW Pug Rescue 7-28-2011Boarding Bungalow DFW Pug Rescue 7-22-2011Boarding Bungalow DFW Pug Rescue 6-15-2011DFW Pug Rescue-The Boarding Bungalow 2DFW Pug Rescue-Pugapalooza 2011Nexen Volunteers for St.Clouds RescueDFW Pug Rescue-Boarding BungalowBuilding Inner Beauty with St.Clouds RescueDFW Pug Rescue-Live at the Boarding BungalowDFW Pug Rescue-Pug Love Fun RunDFW Pug Rescue-Senior Pug Wine GalaMartyPug-O-Ween 2010Bull-O-Ween 2010Pug Palace 9-26-2010Wags & Waves 2010Baby Puggie ProjectMacPug PalaceWalker FamilyDFW Pug Rescue at Petco 02-20-2010MikeSt.Clouds Rescue Befor and AfterPug-O-Ween 2009AvaLone Star Bulldog RescueDFW Pug RescueDFW Pug Rescue - The Boarding Bungalow 4-18-2012