Shagly Pet Photography | St.Clouds Rescue Befor and After
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Some of the photos might be hard to believe but Amazingly both dogs are progressing wonderfully. If ever wanted to know why rescue is so important this is it. I will wright a full story on both theses dogs soon.
St.Clouds Rescue-2541St.Clouds Rescue-2547St.Clouds Rescue-2570St.Clouds Rescue-2599St.Clouds Rescue-2601St.Clouds Rescue-2607St.Clouds Rescue-2608St.Clouds Rescue-2610St.Clouds Rescue-2616St.Clouds Rescue-2621St.Clouds Rescue-2637St.Clouds Rescue-2639St.Clouds Rescue-2643St.Clouds Rescue-2647St.Clouds Rescue-2653St.Clouds Rescue-0425St.Clouds Rescue-0426St.Clouds Rescue-0427St.Clouds Rescue-0430St.Clouds Rescue-0431

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